• Mythic+ 15 chest run with one of the best professional boosting teams
  • AchievementKEYSTONE MASTER if the run is made in timer, choose Within Timer option to get it
  • Guaranteed loot chest in your faction’s capital city which contains one 440+ item level epic item. Also chance to get 430+ ilvl item from Mythic+ 15 level dungeon chest
  • Several FOCUSED LIFE ANIMA items to create Rank 3 Azerite Essences: Anima of Life and Death (Tank), Life-Binder’s Invocation (Healer) or Essence of the Focusing Iris (DPS) obtained from Weekly Mythic+ chest
  • Bunch of AZERITE to boost your HEART OF AZEROTH
  • Account sharing mode: (you share login and password with our team and we play on your character)
  • Selfplayed mode: (you play on your character yourself)
  • Extra trader – add 1 character with your armor type
  • VIP group – add 2 characters with your armor type
  • Supreme group – add 3 characters with your armor type
  • In timer – we will complete dungeon in timer
  • Requirements: 120 level character
  • Extra trader and VIP group options means that we will form a group of people who will trade all their loot to you. On other hand we need to mention that boosters can’t trade items that are better than their original equipment. For example: booster have 430 ilvl shoulder, then dropped 445 item level shoulder – he can’t trade it. Unfortunately this is in-game mechanic and we can’t avoid it. This means we can’t guarantee like 100% loot trade especially warforged and titanforged items, but we can do our best!

ETA: 20 min

VPN software will be used for your account safeness. We don’t ask your secret question, so your account will be protected from theft.

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